Kyushindo Martial Arts -Karate and Judo in Oxfordshire & Berkshire

Learn a Martial Art - Have Fun - Get Fit - Make Friends!

Kyushindo is a Martial art that takes its influence from traditional Japanese styles of martial arts (such as Shotokan karate and Judo), but also from the flowing forms of Chinese 'soft style' arts, (principally Tai Chi and Baguazhang).

We emphasise effective techniques rather than using physical strength, trained in a safe environment by knowledgeable and experienced instructors. There is a strong focus on partnered work so that you learn to safely and skilfully apply the techniques - but please note we don't do full-contact/semi-contact sparring or competitions.

We have classes in Reading, Abingdon, Oxford, Didcot and Faringdon - check out our clubs and classes page for more details

How do I get involved?

You're welcome to turn up to any of our classes, or get in touch with any of our class instructors to find out a bit more - there are contact details for each club on the clubs and classes page. Your first lesson is free so you can find out if we're the style for you, and you can wear loose-fitting clothing - tracksuit bottoms, T-shirt.

What can I expect from my first lesson?

No two lessons are the same, but a typical lesson will include:

  • a warm-up and cool-down

  • Basic techniques and combinations - punches, kicks, blocks, locks, throws, falls, elbows, footwork....

  • Partner-work - either to focus on specific techniques, or controlled non-contact sparring - under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor

  • Kata - traditional and modern karate 'forms', designed to develop specific skills

What does it cost?

Your first lesson with us is free, so you can try out Kyushindo with no commitment. If you want to carry on training with us (and we hope you do!), club fees are usually between £4-5 per class; there's an annual membership fee (approximately £25) to cover administration and insurance - and you'll need to purchase a Gi (traditional training garment - both sturdy and stylish!) .

Check out the FAQs page for more information

Safety and Assurance

The safety and well-being of our students is of primary importance to us. To that end, we have the following safeguards in place to make sure your Kyushindo experience is safe.

  • We undertake DBS checks of all our instructors to ensure they can work with children and vulnerable adults.

  • Our instructors carry full MartialGuard insurance

  • Our instructors have had first aid training

  • We don't do full-contact or semi-contact sparring (although you will be able to practice your techniques with a partner in a controlled environment

  • With the current issues with covid, we have developed a set of safety principles to keep all our members safe.